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Segell discogràfic de música antiga


Lucentum XVI's first recording work dedicated to the choir book of the extinct Hieronymite monastery of La Murta in Alzira, which includes 16th century polyphony that was mainly used during Holy Week. The manuscript is made up of six fascicles, with a total of forty-nine pieces, twenty-two of which match others deposited in various Hieronymite centres, especially the Monastery of San Lorenzo del Escorial. This CD includes fifteen of the twenty-seven pieces without external concordance, most of them anonymous, together with a small group of works by Juan Esquivel de Barahona, Fray Fulgencio de San Jerónimo and Francesc Major.

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Pere Saragossa, shawms and dirección; Minerva Moliner, soprano; Pepi Lloret, soprano; Adriana Mayer, mezzosoprano; Carlos Gómez, tenor; Jesús Navarro, tenor; Luis Vicente, baritone; Xavier Boïls, cornetto; Toni Lloret, shawms; Vicent Osca, sackbut; Paco Gimeno, sackbut; Pere Olivé, percussion; Facundo San Blas, percussion; Carlos García-Bernalt, organ.
  1. A, anonymous
  2. Incipit lamentatio Hieremiæ prophete, anonymous
  3. Domine Jesu Christe, anonymous
  4. Iod, Caph, Lamen, Mem, Nun. Ierusalem convertere, anonymous
  5. O Crux ave, anonymous
  6. Pange lingua (I), anonymous
  7. Alleluia, anonymous
  8. Laudate Dominum, de fr. Fulgencio de St. Hieronimo
  9. Donec ponam inimicuos tuos. Pslm Dixit Dominus. 4 tono, anonymous
  10. Verbum Supernum Prodiens, anonymous
  11. Quoniam confirmata est, pslm. Laudate dominum omnes, de [Juan] Esquivel [de Barahona]
  12. Donec ponam inimicos tuos, 8 tono, de Francesc Major
  13. Sacris Solemniis, anonymous
  14. Pange lingua (II), anonymous
  15. [sense lletra], anonymous

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